Feeder Sources

Feeder Sources

One key to success with chameleons in captivity starts with their diet. A varied diet is the best thing you can do for your new panther. We have compiled some different sources for you to check out. 

Symton has partnered with us to create a perfect variety feeder kit for your panther. It comes in a starter kit and a refill kit. Includes Dubia Roaches, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Black Soldier Fly Pupae, Hornworms. They also have 2 sizing options for the kits. So it won't matter how old your panther is when you want to order. They are all appropriately sized for juveniles and adults. 

Visit symtonbsf.com to check out both Chameleon Feeder Kit & Kit Refills

Local DFW Texas crickets Mama lynns bug house on facebook. She requires pickup and you must follow her rules to do so.

Local DFW Texas feeders Phat jack farms (crickets)

Online crickets ghanns cricket farm

 Silkworms beastmodesilks-west.com

Coastal Silkworm Eggs

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