Other Locale Sources

Other Locale Sources

We do not breed every locale that Panthers come in. But we know some EXCELLENT breeders working with locales we are not specializing in. We wanted to give you a source for reputable breeders that you can trust as much as us. 


Ambilobe Panther Chameleons

In our opinion if you are looking for a Ambilobe Panther Chameleon, there is no where better to get one than from Jonathan Hill of iPardalis. 


He produces the BEST Ambilobe panther chameleons we have EVER seen. These are truly amazing animals. His YBBB yellow body blue bar Ambilobes are truly stunning animals. You will NOT be disappointed. His standards for raising his animals is top notch. You can fully trust Jonathan to present you with an amazing and healthy animal. 


Uncommon Locales: Pink Panthers, Meroantsetra, Ankaramy, Masoala

 If you're looking for some Uncommon and sometimes unusual Panther Chameleon locales, make sure you check out Roberson Reptiles.


Mad Chams 

Mad Chams is a great resource for pure locale information. Even includes sound bites of how to say each Locale correctly. They have amazing pictures of Panther Chameleons in the wild of Madagascar. Showing tons of ranges of colors each locale can be. Make Sure you check them out. 



Updated March 2024 



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