Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions *Open Box Video required. Animal must be picked up from Fed Ex Hub within 2 hours or arrival or guarantee is VOID. Any concerns or issues must be reported to the seller within 2 hours. Seller is not responsible for death due to shipping errors beyond our control or damage due to shipping mishandling. Any animal DOA must include pictures/video of the actual deceased animal within 2 hours of arrival. If all requirements are met. The animal will be replaced or refunded. Replaced animals will be at no cost. Buyer will pay all shipping costs for the replacement animal. Before a replacement is sent out. *All animals will come with a 30 day guarantee. IF ALL shipping requirements are met. Animal MUST be picked up within 2 hours of arrival to the Fed EX Hub near you. With proof of life in pictures/video. Any concerns or issues must be reported to the seller in the 2 hour time of arrival or guarantee is VOID. Animals shipped to residents homes will come with no live arrival guarantee or 30 day guarantee. We strongly suggest against this method of delivery. All costs must be paid before animals will be shipped. *All deposits and final payments are NON REFUNDABLE. All sales are FINAL.



We try our very best to send home only strong, well started panther chameleons. With a good foundation. We try to provide you with all the necessary information to be successful with your new panther. Including extended care sheets, all required supplements, hatch date and genetics. Facebook support group and lifetime personal support. Always remember there is no such thing as a dumb question. You can ask us anything. We accept messages through our Facebook Ready's Rainforest or our Facebook support group No Fear Chameleon Care, instagram Ready's Rainforest or our email readysrainforest@yahoo.com. We offer a guarantee of 30 days after purchase on all our panther chameleons. But we do have some stipulations to this warranty. We can do all the recommendations of how we suggest their captive care can be done. We realize that we cannot force you to care for your new animal any certain way. So with that said. We will not warrenty or guarantee your animal if some care choices are made.

Void Guarantee Practices

#1. Choice of hydration method (Fogging, showering, over misting)

#2. Glass enclosure (Instead of all screen or hybrid enclosure)

#3. Supplements (Using no supplements, using others that we don't recommend or provide)

#4. Substrate bottom (Dirt, reptile carpet, Bioactive)

#5. Moss vines (instead of the safer jungle vine option)

#6. Proper lighting (Using the incorrect lights for heat and UVB, or not using them at all)

#7. Feeder choices (Offering no variety or only 1 choice or allowing them to eat poor nutrition feeders, such as meal worms, and poorly gutloaded feeders)

#8. Over handling (Causing stress to your animal for selfish reasons, they are not dogs/cats. They can be handled, But not at the expese of the animals well being. This also apply's to allowing small children to hold and possibly squeeze the animal)

#9. Seeking inexperienced veterinary care. (Choosing the wrong veterinarian can be deadly to your panther. Please contact us first before seeking vet care for your panther. In most cases your animal can be treated at home. We are NOT veterinarians. But most issues are a husbandry related issue or even something small that can be treated at home. Panthers are not made of glass, but some medications given at vets can be unnecessary for your panther.

#10 Signs of obvious neglect. We will require pictures/vidoes of the animals full enclosure, lighting, supplements, feeders and temperature/humidity readings to process a possible replacement or refund.

#11. You MUST get with us ASAP if there is an issue with your panther. Chameleons are not weak animals. But they dont give us long to corret our mistakes. Please do NOT wait days/weeks after you notice an issue before you contact us. Sometimes it could have been an easy fix that you let go to long, and is now irreversible.

                                         Feeder Fuel Dry Gutload

Feeder Fuel is NON REFUNDABLE. NO REFUNDS. Shipping with USPS. Not responsible for lost or stolen products during shipping.