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Ready's Rainforest

Feeder Fuel 1 Pound Bag

Feeder Fuel 1 Pound Bag

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Feeder Fuel is a Homemade, Full balanced Gutload for ALL Feeder insects. This diet fuels the life of your feeder insects. Which also greatly benefits your insect eating reptile. This is 50% of your feeder insects diet. The other 50% should include fresh fruits & veggies. Those are also a source of hydration for your feeder insects. Feed this feeder fuel along with fresh fruits & veggies at least 2 hours before feeding the insects off to your reptile. This is called Gutloading. The healthier your feeders are, the healthier your reptile will be. 

Our Feeder Fuel is packed with 18 ingredients. With no added fillers. No secret or hidden ingredients. 

Batch #2

Feed to Feeder insects including: Crickets, Roaches, Super Worms, Grasshoppers, Black Solider Fly Larvae, Mealworms.

Ingredients: Alfalfa, Timothy hay, Orchard Grass, Soy beans, Dandelion Root, Dandelion leaves, Calendula Flowers, Sunflower seeds, Bee pollen, Hibiscus flowers, Rose flowers & leaves, Rose Hips, quinoa, Pumpkin seed, Buck Wheat, Rice bran, Brewers yeast, Spirulina.                            

*Some ingredients may vary between batches*

1 Pound Bag

Store in a cool, dry place. Can be stored in freezer. Replace 3 months after opening for optimal freshness.

Keep out of reach of Children & Pets


Handmade by Ready’s Rainforest U.S.A



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