Podcasts Links

Podcasts Links

We have hosted and been a guest in some different chameleon related podcast. If you're into podcast and want to learn more about us and chameleons. We have compiled a list with the links to all the podcasts below. Each has a brief description before the link, so you will know what to expect in each episode. 


#1. Our First appearance on The Reptile Gumbo Podcast. This podcast was an introduction to who we are. We had a lot of fun with this one. 

#1. Episode 144 of the Reptile Gumbo Podcast


#2. In this podcast we come in as a pop in guest. This is more for fun with no structure. We talk about some random topics. And about the time we had a baby chameleon stolen from a reptile expo. I have included in the link the time stamp in which we join the discussion. But feel free to go back and watch/listen to the entire episode. 

#2. Episode 156 of the Reptile Gumbo Podcast


#3. Lizard Brain Radio podcast. This was a great interview with us and Bill Bradley (Coal Black Exotics). In this podcast we talked about the way we raise chameleons in Texas. Some of our thoughts, tips and tricks. This is a great "Get to know the Ready's", the ends and out of our style of raising/breeding chameleons. This podcast doesn't disappoint.  

#3. Episode 51 Lizard Brain Radio Podcast


#4. Chameleon Chronicles. This was our first time host our own podcast. James of the Reptile Gumbo Podcast, helped us make this all possible. In this 1st episode we are joined by Jonathan Hill of iPardalis and Dr. Rob Coke DVM. We discuss many topics including husbandry, egg sells, common chameleon issues seen in the veterinary office, supplements, and more. This is full of lots of everything chameleon topics. 

#4. Episode 1 Chameleon Chronicles Podcast


#5. Chameleon Chronicles Episode 2. This time we are joined by Craig Durbin of Primo Chameleons. In this episode we talk all things Parsons Chameleons. Including husbandry, diet, outdoor raising, Madagascar. And much more. We had so much fun talking to Craig about Parsons Chameleons, it's no wonder we own 3 parsons from him now. Make sure to check this one out if you're interested in the King of Chameleons, the parsons. 

#5. Episode 2 Chameleon Chronicles Podcast


#6. iPardalis Podcast. In this podcast hosted by Jonathan Hill, we are joined by Madcham.de, Thorsten Negro and Alex Laube. We talk about chameleons in Madagascar. Including locales, importers, climate, terrain, the USA market, cross locale panther chameleons, and so much more. This is an excellent podcast you won't want to miss out on. It was such a pleasure being asked on to this round table discussion. We had a great time learning and discussing all things Madagascar Chameleons. 

#6. iPardalis Podcast     

#6.Or for a link to the audio only here on the Chameleon Academy website


#7. Reptile Gumbo Podcast call in show. This episode was just a random call in we did for our Reptile Gumbo Podcast friends. In this episode we talked about our personal Parsons Chameleons, reptile expos, shipping chameleons, and more. This turned out to be a great unprompted call in. This was a really fun podcast to do. I have included in the link the time stamp in which we join the discussion. But feel free to go back and watch/listen to the entire episode. 

#7. Episode 206 of the Reptile Gumbo Podcast Live Call in 


#8. Wild Type Podcast. Our Friends Neptune & Lyssa created a Reptile Podcast. They are doing such an amazing job with this podcast. We can't wait to see what the future holds for them. In this episode the bring up Chameleon vendors at the NARBC Dallas Texas expo Spring 2024. It's very interesting what they encountered at this expo. 

#8. Biggest Reptile Expo in Texas. Episode 24

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